Info:Workflow injection and Apache private key credentials

Workflow injection and Apache private key credentials

If using workflow command injection to restart the Apache application once the certificate is applied and you are also using private key credentials secured by a passphrase, the application will be asking for the passphrase when it tries to come back up.(you will probably see this pop up if you have a root terminal session open on the apache server at the time)

1. To get around this edit the ssl.conf file on the apache server, you should see an item like below

SSLPassPhraseDialog exec:/usr/libexec/httpd-ssl-pass-dialog


2. You can then go edit that file indicated above(httpd-ssl-pass-dialog) and it will contain something like this


exec /bin/systemd-ask-password "Enter SSL pass phrase for $1 ($2) : "


3. You need to comment out the exec command and enter a line to insert the password into the dialog, so you should end up something like this(# comments out a line)

#exec /bin/systemd-ask-password "Enter SSL pass phrase for $1 ($2) : "

echo Password 


4. Save the file and restart the Apache service




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