How To: Approve Provisioning Workflows in Aperture

Applies To:

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.3+


Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.3 allows for certificate installation (provisioning) workflows to be approved in the Aperture Console.  If you are using customized SMTP Channels for workflow notifications, the channels will need to be updated in order to have the link direct users to the correct location in Aperture.

Note: Customers using the default templates for workflow notifications do not need to take any action.


Phase 1- Determine if using default or customized SMTP notifications

  1. Log into the Windows Administration Console (requires RDP access to the Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) server.
  2. Navigate to the Logging Tree.
  3. Expand "Notification Rules."
  4. Expand "Templates."
  5. Locate the Rule "Workflow Approval Pending."
  6. Is the rule Enabled or Disabled?  If Enabled, you are using the default notification and no changes to notification channels are required.
  7. On each applicable object, a "Managed By" status is shown in the Web Administration Console.  If set to "Aperture," then workflow approval links are automatically directed to Aperture.  If left empty, then links will direct users to the Web Administration console.

Phase 2- Updating SMTP Macro

  1. (Still using the Windows Administration Console) If your Notification Rule was Disabled in Logging\Notification Rules\Templates\Workflow Approval Pending, then you need to look in Logging\Notification Rules for a custom rule that is triggered on the "Workflow Ticket Issued" event.  Take note of the Target SMTP channel that rule is pointing to.
  2. Navigate to your custom SMTP notification that notifies your users when there is an workflow requiring their approval.
  3. On the "Plaintext Message" tab look for ALL instances of the string:
    and replace it with:
  4. Save your changes by clicking "Apply"
  5. Repeat the same steps on the "HTML Message" tab.  Be sure to save your changes.
  6. When making changes to logging channels, it is a good idea to restart your Venafi Log Server service to make sure the changes take affect immediately.



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