Onboard Discover displays error: "(404) Not Found."

Applies To:

Trust Protection Platform 15.2 and above.

F5 iControl 11.5 and above (Working Version)

F5 iControl 10.x (Problematic Version)


Getting the following error when running Onboard Discovery for F5:

Encountered error 'The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.' while processing Onboard Discovery \VED\Discovery\Venafi Test on '\VED\Policy\Provisioning\F5 Device Object'.


The reason for this error is that the F5 iControl version does not support REST APIs.  The Onboard Discovery feature was written against REST APIs and not the traditional SOAP APIs.  F5 implemented iControl REST in version 11.5. 


To solve the problem, either upgrade the F5 to a minimum version of 11.5 or use the Venafi Professional service utility (which uses the SOAP APIs) to setup you initial inventory (You will need to contact support for the utility)

More Information:

This can be tested outside of the the Venafi product by doing to following:

  1. Open a  web browser.
  2. Put in URL: "https://Server_url_here/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/?expandSubcollections=true"
  3. You will be prompted for authentication.  Try the user used for the Onboard Discovery.  If the user works then Onboard Discovery will also work.
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