Info: Testing Functionality of Onboard Discovery Connectivity Outside of Trust Protection Platform (TPP)

Applies To:

Trust Protection Platform 15.2 and above.

F5 iControl


Testing functionality of Onboard Discovery connectivity outside of Trust Protection Platform (TPP) is easy to do.

  1. Open a browser.  Firefox and Chrome are best because they do not require the you download the JSON to a file to look at it.
  2. Put in URL: "https://F5_Management_Server_URL_Here/mgmt/tm/ltm/virtual/?expandSubcollections=true" and hit Enter.
  3. You will be prompted for authentication.  Try the user that will be used for the Onboard Discovery.  If the user works and returns virtual servers then the Onboard Discovery feature will work.

    Working Example:


More information:

If you happen to get an error, here are a couple of KB articles that may help resolve the issue:

  1. Onboard Discovery displays error "401: F5 Authorization Required"
  2. Onboard Discover displays error: "(404) Not Found."


Here are two other URLs that are used during the Onboard Discovery process.

  1. https://F5_Management_Server_URL_Here/mgmt/tm/ltm/profile/client-ssl/?expandSubcollections=true
  2. https://F5_Management_Server_URL_Here/mgmt/tm/ltm/profile/server-ssl/?expandSubcollections=true
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