The Number of Certificates Listed in the Discovery Summary is Different than when Exported.


This article will list some of the possible causes for the number of certificates found listed in the summary to be different than the number listed when those certificates are exported into a separate file.


More Information:

Possible Cause 1 – Duplicate IP/Ports:

When the port and IP ranges to be discovered are configured, if there are any IP/port combinations that are listed multiple times, the summary count will be incremented each time that certificate is discovered, but it will be listed in the detailed results only one time.


Possible Cause 2 – Multiple discovery runs:

The number of discovered certificates listed in the summary page only reflects the number found during the most recent time that discovery was run. If a certificate was found during a previous scan, but not the most recent, then that certificate would be included in the detailed results, but not in the summary.


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