How to: Change default work interval for Venafi Encryption Director 5.3.x


This article will show how to change the processing interval on the Venafi Encryption Director. This interval is the delay in moving to the next stage of the certificate lifecycle management. By default, the processing interval is set to 5 minutes.

More Information:

To change the processing interval:

  1. Download the attached interval.xml file
  2. If needed, change the value for the interval attribute in the xml file. The current value in the file would set the processing interval to run every 30 seconds.
  3. Copy interval.xml to the .../Venafi/platform directory
  4. From a command prompt, run the following from that same directory: Schematool.exe admin interval.xml
  5. Enter the admin password when prompted
  6. Once the command completes, restart the Venafi Encryption Director Service.
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