How To: Large Tree Support and Show Alias Settings


If you have large trees with many objects, loading the tree could be time expensive. There are a couple of things you could do to get quicker loading times.

  1. You could enable “Support large object trees”.
    • Instead of loading the entire tree you can search specifically or generally for what object you are looking for.
  2. Make sure “Show Alias Certificate objects under associated applications” is deselected.
    • This will show unique certificate objects only instead of multiple aliases throughout the tree, loading fewer objects.

More Information:

Those settings are found:

Using the WinAdmin interface:

  1. WinAdmin/file/preferences/Appearance./Behavior/Support large object trees
  2. WinAdmin/file/preferences/Policy Tree/Options/Show Alias Certificate objects under associated applications.

Using the WebAdmin browser interface:

  1. WebAdmin/User login name in upper right hand of screen/User Preferences/Appearances/Behavior/Support large object trees
  2. WebAdmin/Show Alias Certificate objects under associated applications option is not available in WebAdmin.
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