Info: Set Up Log Rotation


Venafi Encryption Director 6.1 and above, TrustAuthority / TrustForce 14.1 and above


By default logs are kept in your database without deletion. It is important to set the log Expiration setting so that your database does not fill it's space up and become unusable. You can do this by editing the Expiration Command field.


Starting in 15.2 we implemented a batch delete on the log table. Instead of specifying the long command of:

delete from $l where clienttimestamp < $u - 2592000

for the expiration, you can simply specify the number of days of logs you would like to keep. So you would just specify:


This would run the command and delete anything older than 30 days in batches so as not to overload your database.

More Information:

  1. Go to the Logging Tree
  2. Click on Channels
  3. Click on Default SQL Channel
  4. Under MySQL Channel
  5. Under Expiration
  6. Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  7. Choose the Hour and/or the Day
  8. On Expiration Command write [ delete from $l where clienttimestamp < $u - 604800 ]

This will keep your log no larger than 7 days old. The value 604800 represents seconds.

You may configure this to what works best in your environment.

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