Info: Send Specific Events to a file on your Desktop


Log entries are created for each event that occurs. Sometimes if your Default SQL channel does not show what you think is happening, you can output your results for a specific event to a file to see if it matches or doesn’t match what is happening. In the example steps listed below in More Information:  we will send all events for a discovery to a file on your Desktop.

More Information:

Set all Discovery events to write to a File Channel to your Desktop:
1. Go to the Logging tree and select Channels
2. Click Add > File, name the object and click Create
3. Select the created object and fill out the path “C:\Users\[your user name]\Desktop\log.txt”, click Apply
4. Select Notification Rules, Click Add > Notification, name the object and click Create
5. Define rule “If Event ID is between 00070022F 00070040” (this should capture all Discovery events)
6. Add the File object created in step 2 as a Target Channel
7. Click Apply

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    Bernadette Cronican

    Hi Mark, I noticed that in 15.1, if I want a specific event, I have to select an event (with words). If I want to select a range, I enter number values. Here are my questions...

    1. Does the number range include the numbers entered (I assume so)
    2. Do the values need to be decimal or hex?
    3. If I want to exclude, I precede it with Not, correct?
    4. Is there a plan to have individual code values along with the code name listed so I don't have to cross-reference the list of events?