Info: Creating an Application Object


Application objects represent the server platforms or keystores that use certificates to provide SSL connections for secure communications.

When you create an Application object, you provide all the configuration information Director needs to manage certificates for that platform or keystore. Depending on the application, this may include certificate paths and filenames, application credentials, private key credentials, etc.

More Info:

To create an Application object:

  1. Log in to the Director administration console. You must have Create rights on the Device object where you want to create the Application object.
  2. Select the Policy tree in the Tree drop-down menu.
  3. In the Policy tree, select the Device object where the application is installed, then click Add.
  4. Select the Application object you want to create. The detail view displays the application’s associated settings.
  5. Define the Application object settings. The Application object settings vary depending on the associated platform or Keystore requirements.

For a description of an Application object’s settings, see the following links:



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