Error: Troubleshooting tips when the Director service doesn't start.

Applies to:

All versions of Director.


In rare cases the Service for Venafi Certificate Manager  ( Ved) service will refuse to start.  This article attempts to describe some ways to troubleshoot this issue.


This symptom may have many root causes: Here are a few things you can try to resolve it:

Checking the status of the DIrector services:

  • Login to the Windows sever that is running Director using your administrator account.
  • Load the MMS services by typing services.msc at the start > run tab.  ( The msc extension is required)
  • Scroll to the bottom looking for two services called Venafi Encryption Director and Venafi logging server, and ensure these are started.
  • If they are not started, start them.

If the service does not start:

  • Check the ports that should be open are open- use this article as your reference.
  • Open the application log, and look for the reason why it won't start. To start the event viewer click on 'Start" > Programs and Files > Administrator Tools Event Viewer.

Common startup errors you will see in the event log:

  • A Channel is attempt to write to a drive that is no longer valid.
  • The Database is full.
  • The service has bad credentials and can no longer login.
  • During startup, Director loads every encryption driver and validates its associated encryption keys. If Director is unable to load an encryption driver or validate any one of the encryption keys, it logs an error to the local Windows system event log and shuts down.


If the above suggested causes do not help to resolve this issue, please log a support ticket with Venafi.

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