Enabling developer code to troubleshoot WebUI issues

Steps for enabling developer code to troubleshoot WebUI issues like exceptions and "unknown error" messages:


For WebAdmin

1. Go to {install base}\web\admin

2. Edit web.config

3. Add this line to appSettings:  

<add key="ShowDeveloperCode" value="true"/>

You will end up with something looking like this:


<add key="ChartImageHandler" value="storage=session">


<add key="ShowDeveloperCode" value="true"/>


 There is no need to restart the web console.


For Aperture

To enable the similar concept in the Venafi Aperture portal, do the following:

1. Open IIS Manager and Open your Venafi site, then go to Aperture > API and scroll down and open your Configuration Manager


2. Highlight the "Count=1" box and then click on the small box with ellipsis


3. Highlight the ShowStackTrace field, and then change the value from 0 to 1 in the bottom window




Alternately, you can also edit the web.config file manually:

  1. Edit \program files\venafi\web\aperture\api\web.config
  2. Check this block after </runtime>


<add key="showStackTrace" value="0" />


And change value="0" to value="1"

Note: A common mistake is to attempt to do this in \program files\venafi\web\aperture\client\web.config - but this is the wrong location.

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