Info: Requirements for Venafi Products to be FIPS compliant

Applies to:

Venafi Encryption Director 6.0.1
Venafi Encryption Director 6.0.2
Venafi Encryption Director 6.1

Symetric Key Manager 6.0.2

TrustAuthority 14.1


Venafi Encryption Director requires a FIPS driver in order to be used on a Windows 2008 R2 server. The FIPS package contains just a license key that will enable Director to run on a FIPS enabled device.

The latest version of Symmetric Key Manager (6.0.2) is not supported and does not work on a FIPS server.  Venafi recommends that if Symmetric Key Manager and Venafi Encryption Director 6.1 is required, then each product will need to be run on different servers.  Symmetric Key Manager will need to be run on a Non-FIPS enabled device. Both products will also need two different databases unless Venafi Encryption Director version 6.0.2 used.


More Information:

From Venafi Encryption director version 6.0.2 to Venafi Encryption Director 6.1 the schema went through some significant changes. For this reason, Symmetric Key Manager 6.0.2 and Venafi Encryption Director 6.1 are not able to use the same database.



Some of the support drivers are F5 and Netscaler.

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