Info: How to I add more than 25 rows

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Director 6.1 and newer.



When selecting certificates to manage in the WebAdmin console, the console only displays 25 certificates at a time on a page. How do I change this?


More Information:

To change this setting, you will need edit the web.config file by following the below settings.

  • Using your favorite text editor, navigate to the web.config file in this location.
  • c:\Program Files\venafi\Admin\web.config 
  • Make a backup copy of this file, and then open it with notepad.
  • Find the configuration setting, which will be at the top of the file, and make the below changes.
  • TIP:  Do not add the characters " *" . They are there to show you want to change in your file. 

<add key="ChartImageHandler" value="storage=session"> 
* <add key="GridPageSize" value="100"> 
* </add> 

  • Set the GridPageSize value to the number of certificates you want to display.  We don’t recommend going over 250. 
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