Error: "An error occurred while updating the 'discovery_results' table." appears during upgrading to Director 6.1

Applies to:

Venafi Encryption Director 6.1
Mysql 5.2.31


When upgrading from Director 6.0.3 to Director 6.1.0 the following error occurs:

"Migration Task 'IPV6' encountered and error performing the migration.
An error occurred while updating the 'discovery_results' table. Error: Value was
either too large or too small for a UInt32."




The discovery_results table has corrupt data.


Note:  Mysql is only used for demo purposes only and therefore is not officially supported by Venafi Customer Support.

To resolve this issue run the following query and the run the configuration wizard again (dcc.exe -wizard):

TRUNCATE TABLE discovery_results

Note:  The command above will delete all rows only in the discovery_results table.

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