Info: Case severity levels

Case Severities & Initial Response Goals

Severity 1 (Urgent) = Complete loss of functionality of the Licensed Software and all related services, resulting in a catastrophic business impact in which a service, system, or critical application is down, severely impacting production or profitability of Licensee.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 2 hours

Severity 2 (High) = Detrimental business impact in which service, production, operations, or development deadlines are severely and negatively impacted, or where there will be a severe and negative impact on production or profitability of the Licensee.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 4 hours

Severity 3 (Normal) = Inconvenient situation in which the Licensed Software is usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner, and the user suffers little or no significant impact.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of 8 hours

Severity 4 (Low) = Situation in which the use is affected in some way that is reasonably correctable by a documentation change or by a future, regular release from Venafi.

INITIAL RESPONSE: Maximum of next business day

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