Info: Venafi Certified Training

Applies to:

Director Certified Training Version 8 and Higher

Trust Protection Platform Certified Training Version 14 and Higher


It is important to make sure everyone is prepared for the training course to get the best experience possible. Below are the requirements for the Facility, Instructor, and the Students.

More Info:

Instructor Requirements:

  1. Facility and classroom access
  2. Scheduled class info required by the instructor:
  • Local training contact   
  • Student attendee list
  • Training facility address
  • Recommended Hotels (if any)
  • Scheduled date and daily start time

Student Requirements:

  1. Each student must register for the provided class identified by the provided class ID. (
  2. One laptop or computer per attendee
  3. One Chair/seat per attendee
  4. Student internet connectivity/ Ports 443 and 3389
  5. Must attend each training day

Facility Requirements:

  1. One Projector
  2. Internet access
  3. Meeting room to accommodate attendees
  4. Facility access (visitor badge, etc.)
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