How To: Update Database Credentials for Director

How To:

This article describes how to update your database credentials that Director uses to connect to the SQL Server (Microsoft SQL or Oracle) that hosts that Director database.

Applies To:

All versions of Director between Director 6.0.x and Director 11, TrustAuthority 14.1 and greater


  1. If you using Windows Authentication to a Microsoft SQL server for Director, you must be logged into the Director server with a WIndows Account that has read/write access to the Director Database.
  2. Open an Administrative Command Prompt
  3. Launch C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform\InstallTool.exe
  4. Update your credentials in the Database Utility Window
    Note: the settings below are samples only, your database connection settings and log server settings will very depending upon your environment.


  5. Click the "Verify" button to verify your database settings.
  6. If Verification was successful, the Cancel button will change to a "Install" button.  Click Install.
  7. During Installation, you will be prompted for the password of your "Admin" account.
  8. The Database Configuration Utility will close automatically when complete.
  9. If using an Oracle Database, or using SQL authentication to a Microsoft SQL database, skip ahead to step 16.

    Note: Steps 10 through 15 are only needed if using Windows Authentication or you do not have a Master Administrator account with the username "Admin"

  10. Using the command prompt that is still open, Launch:
    "C:\program files\venafi\platform\dcc.exe" -wizard

  11. The Director Control Center wizard will Launch.

  12. Choose the products you are licensed for
  13. Choose the components necessary for this server
  14. Go through the Director Control Center wizard and verify that your database settings are correct.
  15. Continue through the wizard until it completes.  This wizard will make necessary changes to the database so that the Venafi site in IIS continues to function via Windows Authentication.

  16. Now that Director knows the new credentials for accessing the Director database, we now need to update your logging credentials.
  17. Open up the Windows Administration Console 
  18. Navigate to the Logging Tree

  19. Navigate to Channels => Default SQL Channel

  20. Update the credentials in your "Log View Database Access" and Click Apply.


Your Database Credentials are now Updated.  You may need to restart the "Venafi Log Server" service, "Venafi Encryption Director" service, and IIS.

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