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Venafi™ Encryption Director provides a flexible macro language that allows administrators to
call variable input for system configuration fields. This macro language is particularly useful
when configuring system notifications and workflows. Using the macro language,
administrators can dynamically populate fields such as message recipient or sender for SMTP
notifications, workflow approver for certificate

Macro Usage

The Venafi Encryption Director macro language allows administrators to call variable content
for the following system configuration fields:

• SMTP Notifications
• Message Sender
• Message Recipient
• Message Subject
• Message Body
• SNMP Messages
• Application Workflows
• Certificate Approver
• Reason Code Descriptions

More Info:

General Macro Syntax Rules

The following list outlines general syntax rules for the Venafi Encryption Director macro
Keywords are bracketed by dollar sign ($) characters.
   For example: $Day$
Arguments to a keyword are enclosed with square brackets [ ].
   For example: [$Event.Text1$]
Use a closing dollar sign character after a closing square bracket with keywords that have
   For example: $Identity[$Event.Text1$]$
To return a specific attribute for an argument separate with a comma. There can be no
   spaces after the comma.
   For example: $Config[$Event.Component$,"Contact"]$
Enclose attribute names in quotes.
   For example: $Config[$Event.Component$,"Group Membership"]$

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