Error: Can't login as local "Admin" in Director after integrating with Active Directory/LDAP


This article addresses the problem of not being able to login as the local Admin account after integrating Venafi Director with Active Directory

Applies To:

All versions of Director


After integrating Venafi Director with Active Directory/LDAP, login requests are first attempted to authenticate against Active Directory/LDAP.  If there is a user account in Active Directory/LDAP that matches the same username that exists locally in Director, by default we will attempt to authenticate to the Active Directory/LDAP account.


If you are trying to login with the username Admin to your local Identity, login with "local:Admin" (without the quotes).  This tells Director to not attempt to authenticate to Active Directory/LDAP but to only use the local Identity system for authentication.

Alternative Resolution:

Rename either the Active Directory account or the local Director Identity account so there isn't two accounts with the same username


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