Error: Create default object; ObjectAlreadyExists


During an upgrade to Director 10, Director 11, or Director 14.1, you receive an error "An error occurred initializing Director subsystems.  Error: Config version Create default object; ObjectAlreadyExists.

Error occurs on the Database Configuration Screen of upgrade wizard.



This error can occur if you are upgrading from Director 9 or below to a version of Director 10 and above and do not execute the Director 9 to Director 10 update script.  This script name may vary depending on the version of Director you are upgrading to and if you are using a MSSQL or Oracle database.

  • oracle_update_e_9_to_10.sql
  • mssql_update_d_9_to_10.sql
  • mssql_update_FR_9_to_AFR_10.sql
  • oracle_update_FR_9_to_AFR_10.sql


To Verify if the script has or has not been executed on your database:

  1. Open SQL Studio Manager
  2. Locate your Director Database
  3. Expand your database
  4. Expand your Tables
  5. Expand the "dbo.config_objects" tables
  6. Expand the Columns for the "dbo.config_objects" table
  7. See if you can locate a column "ISBit1" or "IsReadOnly"

  8. If you see the column "IsBit1" then you have not successfully ran the database script mentioned above.


After you have verified that the problem is caused due to not executing the Director 9 to Director 10 update script:

  1. Have your database administrator execute the script on your Director Database
  2. On the Director server, open an Elevated Command Prompt
  3. Navigate to DRIVE:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform
    Note: this path will vary depending on your installation location of Venafi Director
  4. Run: DCC.exe -wizard
  5. Run through the upgrade wizard.  You should not have an error on the database configuration screen.
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