Error: HTTP Error 404 File or Directory not found message is displayed when accessing Aperture

Applies to:

All Trust Protection Platform versions

Venafi Encryption Director 9, 10, and 11



When accessing Aperture portal, an HTTP error 404 File or Directory not message is displayed when accessing Aperture even though the service account has full permissions to the %Program Files%\Venafi folder and the files exist.


Using the URL https://localhost/Aperture, an HTTP error 404.7 File_Extension_Denied message is displayed




This is caused by IIS not allowing unlisted extension to run. For more information refer to



As per the MIcrosoft KB, allowing unlisted extension to run resolve the problem.

To allow unlisted extension to run:

  1. Open File Explorer and go to %windir%\System32\inetsrv\config
  2. Create a backup copy of applicationHost.config
  3. Edit the applicationHost.config
  4. Search for <requestFiltering> section
  5. Change <fileExtension allowUnlisted="false"> to <fileExtension allowUnlisted="true">
  6. Save and restart IIS services
  7. Aperture should now be accessible


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