How to: Filter events

Applies to:

  • Venafi TrustProtection Platform 14.1 and up


Filtering event is very useful when you are trying to troubleshoot issues with Customer support.

It will allow you to only display events relevant to the problem you are experiencing.

This article provides instructions on how to filter events the Log Viewer in the Web Administration Console

More information:

In the below example, we want to shows ALL certificate downloads which happened in either the Web Administration Console or Aperture Console.

  1. Log into the Web Administration Console as someone who has access to the "Default SQL Channel" under the Logging Tree

  2. Navigate to the Logging tree

  3. Expand the "Channels" object and select the "Default SQL Channel"

  4. Click on the "General" tab of the "Default SQL Channel" object

  5. From the "Events" column header, go to "Filters" and click on "Select Criteria"


  6. In the Event Selector, type in "Certificate Download" for your search, and click the search icon (magnifying glass) to start the search.

  7. Depending upon your version of the product, you will get 1-3 results.  Highlight "Admin UI - Certificate Downloaded" and if available select "Aperture - Certificate Downloaded". Click on the right arrow to move the selected event to the right side of the Event Selector.


    After you click on the right arrow it should look like this:


  8. Click the "Select" button at the bottom of the window to save your selection and close the window.

  9. You now have a filtered list that shows ALL certificate downloads that happened in either the Web Administration Console or Aperture Console.

  10. If you notice that your results are greater than 1000 then increase your log limit


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