Issue: 14.4 Upgrade Problem

Applies to

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 14.3.2+

Updater 2.1.9


Before upgrading to 14.4 the patch "Pre 14.4 Upgrade" should be installed.

This resolves an issue if the 14.3.2 or later update Patches have been installed where the 14.3.x version of Venafi.Core.dll doesn't get properly replaced with the 14.4 version during the upgrade process.

In the event that 14.4 has already been installed and you are experiencing issues please run the "Post 14.4 Install GAC Cleanup" patch to resolve the issue.

The patch removes the existing Venafi.Core from the GAC and prepares the system for the proper version to be installed via the 14.4 installer.


If affected by this issue the following error message occurs at stage 0 when attempting to renew a certificate: "Error: Method not found"


The wrong Venafi dll is being referenced in the GAC after upgrading to 14.4


To install the patch please install the 2.1.9 Updater and move the patch to C:\Program Files\Venafi\Packages. Once the package has been moved stop IIS and close all winadmin sessions then proceed with running updater from the start menu and running the installation for the package in updater.

The GAC Cleanup patch ("Post 14.4 Install GAC Cleanup") is intended to be run after 14.4 is installed to resolve the issue if it occurs.

The Pre 14.4 patch ("Pre 14.4 Upgrade") is intended to be installed immediately before you run the 14.4 MSI to prevent the issue from occurring.

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