Info: Why do some users can see / download a certificate with its Root chain and some others don't?


On some occasions, some users may be able to see / download a certificate with its full certification path.

User who can see the full certification path:


User who cannot see the full certification path:


More Info

This will occur when the logged on user does not have View / Read permissions against the CA certificate(s).

For all users to see the full certification path, the CA certificate(s) requires to be in the Root tree

  1. Export the certificate with Root chain with a master admin user
  2. Go to the Root tree and import the certificate exported at step 1
  3. An error message should be displayed, and this one is expected
  4. Select either the CA certificate or the root of the Root tree
  5. Go to the General tab
  6. Add the user / group who require access to the full certification path
  7. Add the View and Read permissions
  8. The user should now be able to view the full certification path


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