Info: How to Modify Email or Notification Templates in WinAdmin

Applies To:

Up to 23.1 for Venafi Trust Protection Platform 


Users trying to modify any part of an email or notification template within WebAdmin or WinAdmin will not be able to do so because templates are set as read only. 

More Info:

  1. Navigate to the logging tree within WinAdmin with a master admin account.



   2. Copy a template out of the template folder to give yourself write permissions.




   3. Repeat the same steps for Email templates for the same Notification Template. Also Check the disable box in the template to disable the notification. 



   4. Once you have copied the Notification template to a new folder and are able to edit it, remove the default target channel and uncheck the disable box under settings to enable this notification.



5. After removing the default target, add the newly created email taget.


6. Save all changes!


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