Info: Understanding Windows Authentication with MS SQL

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Venafi Trust Protection Platform


Windows Authentication with Microsoft SQL Database causes confusion from time to time. This article describes how using Windows Authentication affects behavior of Venafi Trust Protection Platform.

More Info:

If we are using Microsoft SQL with Windows Authentication, it is important to understand the following:

  1. Venafi Services will run as the account defined for database connection during Configuration Wizard (VCC).
  2. Venafi IIS Application pools will run as the account defined for database connection during Configuration Wizard (VCC).
  3. When using WinAdmin, Venafi Control Center or Venafi Updater the current Windows user’s credentials are passed through for the database connection. This means all users that that have to use WinAdmin need to have datareader, datawriter and execute* rights to the database.

*Execute applies to TPP 15.1 and above.

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