Info: How can I get a list of my certificates or bulk process them?

Applies To:

15.x and higher


In Venafi Web Admin it is possible to view a list of all of your certificates in one policy or by selecting Include Sub-Containers to contain all policy objects below.

You can view many details by viewing the available columns or selecting more available columns via the down arrow on one of the column headers.

You can:

  • View certificate details: things such as owner, status, common name, CA template, management type and many more.
  • Bulk process certificates: things such as bulk disable, renewal, revoke. (Available only to Master Admin permissions)
  • Export certificate data: in to formats like csv, html, xml.

More Info:

To get to the view:

  1. Log into WebAdmin
  2. Go to the Policy Tree
  3. Click on the Policy object containing the certificates you want to view
  4. Click on the View/Certificates tab
  5. Click include Sub-Containers if appropriate

Select more columns from a column down arrow, select certificates you want to process, or click on Export to pull out the data.


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    You can also Bulk move the certificates in Aperture:

    1. Log into Aperture,
    2. Go to 'Inventory' > 'Certificates'
    3. In the 'Common Filters' panel, choose the filter settings that you need 
    4. Click the checkbox in the table header to select all certificates in the list
    5. click the 'Move to...' button and then, in the popup dialog, select the folder you want to move the certs to.