Info: Storing time and presenting the Timestamp to the user

Applies To:

All Director Versions

All Trust Protection Platform versions



  • The MSSQL or Oracle database stores its times in GMT or Epoch.

User Interfaces

  • WebAdmin gets times from the database and translates them to the localized time of the server hosting the UI ( The IIS server ).
  • Workflow tickets in the workflow tree in Web Admin are localized to the user’s browser time zone (controlled by operating system).
  • Aperture localizes to the user’s browser’s time zone.

More Info:

Timestamps show up in many locations within Venafi. Here we have collected a few of the places:

Certificate Status in WebAdmin


Default SQL Channel log in Venafi


Config Contains database


Log table in database epoch.


Discovery_results in the database is UTC


Discovery Jobs in the database


Config Locks in the database


 ORACLE Specific


Discovery jobs Oracle Database


Config Locks





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