How To: Create a Filter Channel For Default SQL Channel


Venafi logging is extensive and in some situations we may determine not all events are applicable to our implementation or we simply do not wish to have them logged. This article covers the steps on how to create a Filter Channel to filter out unwanted events from the Default SQL Channel.


More Info:

NOTE: Filter Channels will drop configured events and they won’t be logged at all. Please don’t filter any events we may need later after the even has happened.

 The steps to create and enable a Filter Channel are:

1. Go to Logging tree
2. Go to the Channels Object
3. Click Add > Filter Channel

4. Name the Filter
5. Set target Channel which we send filtered logs to
6. Select Events Blocked and/or Severities Blocked
7. Click Save

8. Go to the Log Server object(s)
9. Change Default Channel to the Filter Channel object we want this Log Server to filter it logs through

10. Restart Venafi Log Server service on the Primary Log Server

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