Info: How do I change the configuration of the Venafi DIrector agent once it's installed?

Applies to:

All 6.x versions of the client or greater including TrustAuthority 14.2 and greater


Once the agent is installed, you may need to change it's configuration, such as the phone-home ip address.   This article addresses some of the methods you can use to do this.

More info:


I need to realign my Windows Director agent to send it's data to another Venafi Encryption Director server.  

Problem 2:

When I run the command line argument to change the address to another server I am seeing 'permission denied' as per the below highlighted text.


C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform>VAgent.exe -m
address; was NOT set.
, Permission denied

C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform>



A re-install ( uninstall and install) does not erase the configuration from the previous installation.  For example,  I keep sending the data to the old, or wrong, Director server.



1: UnInstall the agent by following these steps:

  • Summary steps: Remove configuration files, and re-install. 

Command line in Windows:

  •  To remove:
    • C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform> del ..\Agent\Data\*.sq3
  • To re-install:
    •  C:\Program Files\Venafi\Platform> vagent –m address=<Your new IP address> 

Command line in the UNIX/LINUX enjoinment: (NIX):

  •   To remove:
    • rm /var/opt/Venafi/agent/data/*.sq3
  • Re-install:
    •   /opt/venafi/agent/bin/vagent –m address=<Your new IP address>




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