Info: Venafi Agent Commands

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Venafi Agent 3.1


Venafi Agent is command line based. You can run the help command -h to get a list of all of the commands. Below are all of the available Agent commands.

More Info:

Venafi Agent Loader Library v3.1.0-27210 Copyright 2009-2011 Venafi, Inc.


Usage: VAgent.exe [--<option> [<key>[=<value]]]

Additional help 'VAgent.exe --<add | delete | modify | clear | list> help'

General Options:

  -h                 : list available command line options (this page)

  -V                 : show version information

  -n                 : all subsequent configuration options are applied to the named module. Use module shortname or long name

AdHoc Execution:

  -s                 : start the Venafi Agent as a stand-alone console application

  -1, --runonce      : execute all scheduled assignments once and then shut down

  -e severity        : show errors of severity (emerg, alert, crit, err, warn, notice, info or debug)

                     e.g. vagent -s -1 -e debug

  -u, --upgrade      : report the product versions to the server and, if available, installs product updates


  -a, --add          : add a configuration key and value

  -c, --clear        : remove all matching configuration keys

  -x, --delete       : remove an existing configuration key and value

  -l, --list         : show all configuration values for the specified key, use the key token "all" to retrieve all keys

     Sub options:

         all         : list all keys

         keys        : list keys for a particular module

         modules     : list valid module names, short and long

  -m, --modify       : replace all matching configuration keys with value

  -f, --file         : read configuration commands from an XML file

  -p, --confirm      : tests values entered for validity prior to storing (e.g. filenames, directory paths, internet addresses)


  -R directory       : specify an alternate location for shared object files

  -d directory       : specify an alternate initial root

  -D directory       : specify an alternate database root

  -i directory       : perform an installation, from the specified directory, and then shut down

  -k details         : show Venafi Agent service details

  -k install         : install a Venafi Agent service

  -k uninstall       : uninstall a Venafi Agent service

  -k start           : start the Venafi Agent service

  -k restart         : tell active Venafi Agent service to do a graceful restart

  -k stop|shutdown   : tell active Venafi Agent service to shutdown

  -F, --force        : force upgrade regardless of version resolution

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