Info: What commands do you use to start and stop the Venafi agent


To start and stop the Venafi Agent daemon is different depending on what host operating system you are using.

More info:

To start, or stop, the Venafi Agent daemon on Unix or Linux-based system choose the one of the below commands. 

Starting the agent:

  • RedHat/Linux: /etc/init.d/vagent start
  • Solaris: /etc/init.d/vagent start
  • AIX: /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/Svagent start
    • startsrc -s VENAFI.vagent
  • HP-UX: /sbin/init.d/vagent start
Stoping the agent:
  • RedHat/Linux: /etc/init.d/vagent stop
  • Solaris: /etc/init.d/vagent stop
  • AIX: /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/Svagent stop
    • stopsrc -s VENAFI.vagent
  • HP-UX: /sbin/init.d/vagent stop
NOTE: For more information see the Director Administration Guide.
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