Info: Agent Results Redirection

Applies to:

Agent versions 3.2 and up (Director 7.0 and up)


The Agent allows redirection of Agent Discovery results into containers based on information from the computer the agent is installed on. This article assumes the reader is familiar with the Director Administration Guide sections 4.1, 4.4 & 4.5 ("Defining Redirection Rules for Agent Data") which describe the setup and function of Agent redirection.

  • Use of the regular expression option implies that the Discovery Queue is a container object and the Discovery location will be the combination of the Discovery Queue and Output and must be a path to a sub-component object (Agent Module Discovery, Certificate Module Discover, or SSH Module Discovery)


For the following examples assume this Discovery tree:



* Note: Director 10 changes the icon on the "Redirection Test" contain to a folder icon.

Examples: Redirect by:

Host attribute - Send all discovery results to \VED\Discovery\RedirectionHostAgentModuleDiscovery container if the Name starts with Win-



Active Directory Attribute – iAdminProperty

Assume the Active Directory attribute has values in the form “iAdminProperty (BusDev) Group". Within the parenthesis is the name of a business unit or function and the Agent results are to be grouped by that name.




The regular expression first finds the string “iAdminProperty” and then looks for anythings between ‘(‘ and ‘)’. It then skips spaces and matches all characters to the end of the string. For the value above the output Discovery container will be “\VED\Discovery\RedirectionTest\AD Group-BusDev”. By using the regular expression option the rule will match for all values within the parenthesis. For new values to redirect correctly only a new properly named container needs to be created in the discovery tree.


Environment Variable – USERDOMAIN – starts with

To redirect all results from agents where the environment variable USERDOMAIN in the Agent computer begins with “WIN-“.




Agent Configuration Attribute – address – sort using regex

Assume there are two Agents on servers with IP addresses and respectively and we want to redirect results based on the Director server the Agent delivers results to.




The regular expression, “(\w+)” separates the input on word boundaries. For an IP address it will use the periods as word separators so each octet will be a ‘word’ in the results. The first octet will be $1, the second $2 and so on. For the IP addresses above the Discovery container will be “\VED\Discovery\RedirectionTest\32” or “\VED\Discovery\RedirectionTest\35”.

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