Info: How to scan for a keystore that does not have the right extension


In some cases keystore files will not contains the proper file extension.  For example, a Java key store file may not always have a .jks or .jck extension.  This article explains how to how to scan for keystore files that do not have their proper extensions.


More info:

To configure agent to scan these files the agent follow these steps:

  • Configure your operating system.  In this case, we have an agent installed on IBM sun AIX servers. 
  • Configure the database type to be scanned.  Because we don't have an extension on the file, telling us what type of keystore it is, we need to tell it a type.
  • Configure the full path to the keystore needing to be scanned, including the filename.



You will need to add an entry, as per the above instructions for each keystore that does not have the right extension.  The end result would probably look like this:


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