Install Agent on UNIX in different directory locations

The Agent installation for UNIX is hard coded to directory paths /opt/venafi and /var/opt/venafi. To install Agent in a different location, soft (symbolic) links can be used to point from the Venafi installation paths to the targeted install location. Considerations that need to be made when placing the agent target directories are:

The /opt/venafi directory contains binary and library files

The /var/opt/venafi directory contains data files and could possibly grow in size due to data retention depending upon the number of results found.

In this example, the /opt/isv/venafi directory is the targeted install location. Before installing Agent, the targeted install location(s) must be created along with the soft links as follows:

# As root, make the target location directory
# Note that in this example the same directory /opt/isv/venafi is being used for both
# binary/library files and data files.

mkdir -p /opt/isv/venafi

# Change the permissions on /opt/isv/venafi to rwxr-xr-x

chmod 755 /opt/isv/venafi

# As root, make the soft links to the target location.

ln -s /opt/isv/venafi /opt/venafi
ln -s /opt/isv/venafi /var/opt/venafi

Perform the Agent install as usual and the files will be placed in the targeted directory /opt/isv/venafi

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