Error: Certificate request being denied by VeriSign

Applies to: All versions

Symptom:  Whenever we try to enroll for a VeriSign EV cert we receive the following error message even though the domain is valid, and has been vetted by VeriSign. When we view our allowed domains list, on our Verisign EV console, we see all of the domains that are causing issues for us.

"Status: The Request DN could not be created, the Common Name did not contain a valid Domain for the VeriSign Account" 



We logged into the VeriSign website to confirm that the website declared on the Common name on the certificate was allowed.

We compared the Common name on the Certificate with the Allowed Domains on the Verisign CA template, and found that they did not match. 


The Certificate credentials used for the Verisign CA were only allowing a subset of domains that the company, as a whole, was allowed access to.  


Changing the certificate credentials used for the Verisign CA provided a larger list of allowed domains.  After this was done, at least one of the domains allowed matched the certificate. 

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