How to: configure a Pilot VeriSign CA template


Venafi Trust Protection Platform (TPP) does support integration with VeriSign Pilot accounts for testing purposes. This article describes how to configure TPP to use a Pilot account with VeriSign.


More info:

The VeriSign Pilot API URL is To change a normal VeriSign CA template to point to the Pilot URL we need to write the “Test Account” attribute to the object, here is how we can accomplish this:


Option 1 – Change existing already configured VeriSign CA template to point to Pilot URL:

1. Go to Support Tab of the CA Template
2. Contact Venafi Support to obtain Support tab license needed in next step
3. Click Enable Edit
4. Request an authorization response from Venafi Support
5. Click Add
6. Add Attribute:
Attribute = “Test Account”
Value = 1


Option 2 – Create a new VeriSign CA template pointing to Pilot URL:

1. Download attached schema file here
2. Import the schema file using schematool.exe
3. Rename and move the created “VeriSign Pilot Template” object from root of Policy tree to the appropriate location and finish the configuration of the object normally.

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