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Venafi Mobile Certificate Manager complements Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions from leading vendors by enabling organizations to detect certificate anomalies and risks and rapidly revoke certificates. With Mobile Certificate Manager, IT security teams can apply policies and workflows to mobile devices and reduce the risk of data loss and network infiltration due to unknown or orphaned mobile and user certificates.

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Mobile Certificate Manager


 1) Secure Mobile Device Management (MDM)

   - Integration with mobile device management solutions. Director has been tested for compatibility with AirWatch and MobileIron using SCEP or NDES Emulation.

   - Ensures that mobile certificates are managed according to enforced policies

 2) User certificate management

   - Rapidly identify the certificates issued to and managed by a user in case of a reassignment or termination or simply to track credential issuance and access.

 3) Single-click revocation

   - In the event that a user is terminated or reassigned, in a single operation, you can immediately revoke all certificates issued to that user.

   – Prevent unauthorized access to the corporate network

 4) Automatic CA Import

   - Connect to one or more Microsoft CAs and import user, client device, and server certificates that are not already in the Director inventory.

   - Define criteria for importing specific certificates templates

   - Specify rules for placing imported certificates into specific policies based on the contents of Subject DN fields

   - Schedule automated CA imports to be run daily, weekly, or monthly.

 5) User and Client Device Certificate Object Types

   - User and Client Device certificates are displayed with different icons in the policy tree.

   - A new “Type” column is included in the View > Certificates tab on Policies to show the type of certificate.

   - Certificates within Aperture indicate the type of certificate (User, Client Device, or Server).

 6) Template Information

   - Template names for certificates imported via CA Import are stored with each certificate so it is clear what template was used to issue the certificate.

 7) Certificate Inventory Report

   - Provides critical statistics and information about all or a portion of your certificate inventory.

   - Includes certificate types, templates used, key usages, issuers, key lengths and algorithms, and other information

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