Info: Vulnerability Remediation Plugin Guide

Applies To:

Venafi Encryption Director 6.1.4, 7, 8.0.3, 10, 11

Venafi Trust Protection Platform 14.1


Venafi's products can help you recover from this bug by rotating your keys and certificates through basic product uses.

While Venafi's Trust Protection Platform can help rapidly restore trust in your organization by renewing your keys and certificates and provisioning them, we have created a plug-in that will further assist in both finding this vulnerability as well as assist you in targeted key and certificate rotation.

More Info:

A plug-in has been created to add to your WinAdmin console within Venafi Encryption Director and the Venafi Trust Protection Platform. It is a .VUPKG file you can download from within your directory at:

Full documentation for the Plug-in is attached to this article.



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