Error: Revocation Failed with error: Unable to revoke the certificate, the certificate issuer could not be found on any Certificate Authority template object


When revoking a certificate through the TPP server on the Symantec MPKI CA, an error is thrown. "Revocation Failed With Error: Unable To Revoke The Certificate, The Certificate Issuer Could Not Be Found On Any Certificate Authority Template Object"


In order to revoke Symantec certificates, you not only need to have your root and intermediate certificates loaded but also need to have the intermediate CA certificates imported in the CA template as per the below screenshot. There are still some older certs issued by the G3 intermediate and these need to be loaded under the certificate tab of the Symantec CA Template.


These are the certificates that need to be loaded into the Certificates tab of the Symantec CA template along with the current root and intermediate certificates.

The Intermediate certificates that need to be imported into the Certificates tab of the Symantec MPKI CA Template are located in the following locations:

Valid to date: Oct 30, 2023

Valid to date: Nov 07, 2021


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