Info: SiteMinder Integration with VTPP

SiteMinder Integration with VTPP

Applies to: TPP 15.4


Currently Venafi Trust Protection Platform (VTPP) has support for trusted custom HTTP headers which is usually achieved by the SSO Provider having an agent that plugs-in to IIS. SiteMinder and Oracle Access Manager support this method.

With SSO, VTPP will get the authenticated user ID as part of the HTTP request. So everything will stay the same except that access to the highest level of the app is offboarded to SiteMinder – VTPP will just trust the userID that will come in as part of the HTTP request and run with it.

The integration is done by using the Custom Headers options and settings. Similar to configuring OAM. SiteMinder and Oracle Access Manager support this method. Essentially you will need to configure what TPP looks for in the header for the user name and then also have a redirection for the login capture. OAM has an IIS service for this and Siteminder has something similar. To specify this, you would set it in the OAM settings even though it is for SiteMinder. Log into WebAdmin/VedAdmin select the platform tree, then click on the root platform object, then click on the authentication tab.

More Information:

For detailed configuration on the VTPP server, please follow the procedure under “Enabling Authentication via Oracle Access Manager” in the “Venafi Trust Protection Platform Administration Guide”.

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