Info: Reasons for VTPP Network Discovery to be in Pending Status


A network discovery job status is displayed as "pending". These are the possible reasons for the discovery job to be in this state.

  1. Discovery jobs with the same priority cannot run at the same time.

         There are a few things to consider:

  • Priority – Higher priority jobs will be evaluated first.
  • If both jobs have the same priority, then the jobs will be processed in a first come first served order.  Basically order by the timestamp of the job within the Discovery_Jobs table.
  • To be able to run two jobs simultaneously, you will need to setup Discovery Zoning and isolate on network segments per the Discovery engine.   
  1. The Discovery Zone is configured in IP address ranges and Discovery jobs configured in CIDR format.
  1. The TPP services are not running.
  1. The engine discovery service module on the platforms tree is disabled.
  1. The discovery engine zones are out of range.
  1. The discovery job is outside the execution window or no engines are configured to service the work specified.



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