INFO: What Scripts do I need to run to get to 15.4? (MSSQL)


To help clarify the upgrade process, the article will further outline the steps needed to upgrade to 15.4.


More Info:

Find your version that you are upgrading from and run the corresponding upgrade scripts on the Database. The scripts can be found in the 15.4 software package found on

* Note that anytime you encounter a "b" steb ie 3b.sample_grants_14.4_to_15.1.sql this is a script that only needs to be ran if the service account Venafi is using has limited permissions. However, it will not hurt anything if you run the "b" scripts on an account with full permissions.



1. mssql_update_c_14.1_to_14.2.sql

2. mssql_update_d_14.2_to_14.3.sql

3. mssql_update_e_14.3_to_14.4.sql

4. mssql_update_f_14.4_to_15.1.sql

4b. sample_grants_14.4_to_15.1.sql

5. mssql_update_g_15.1_to_15.2.sql

6. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

6b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

7. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_d_14.2_to_14.3.sql

2. mssql_update_e_14.3_to_14.4.sql

3. mssql_update_f_14.4_to_15.1.sql

3b. sample_grants_14.4_to_15.1.sql

4. mssql_update_g_15.1_to_15.2.sql

5. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

5b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

6. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_e_14.3_to_14.4.sql

2. mssql_update_f_14.4_to_15.1.sql

2b. sample_grants_14.4_to_15.1.sql

3. mssql_update_g_15.1_to_15.2.sql

4. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

4b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

5. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_f_14.4_to_15.1.sql

1b. sample_grants_14.4_to_15.1.sql

2. mssql_update_g_15.1_to_15.2.sql

3. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

3b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

4. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_g_15.1_to_15.2.sql

2. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

2b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

3. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_h_15.2_to_15.3.sql

1b. sample_grants_15.2_to_15.3.sql

2. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql



1. mssql_update_i_15.3_to_15.4.sql








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