Error: Unable to determine version and release from targz name creating a custom RPM

Applies to

Venafi Linux Agent 15.4 and below (custom RPM build)


When running the following command the error "Error: Unable to determine version and release from targz name" is returned.

python rpmbuilder/ -s rpmbuilder/vagent.spec venafiagent-15.4-linux-x64.tar.gz


The documentation is unclear, we are actually extracting the version from the file name of the source tar.gz file and are looking for the following format: venafi-agent-(\d+\.\d+)\.(\d+)


Rename the source tar.gz file to match the format required, eg. for version 15.4.0 of the Linux agent and then rerun the command to build the rpm:

mv venafiagent-15.4-linux-x64.tar.gz venafiagent-15.4.0-linux-x64.tar.gz

python rpmbuilder/ -s rpmbuilder/vagent.spec venafiagent-15.4.0-linux-x64.tar.gz

Note: 15.4.0 should be replaced with the appropriate version number.


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