Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.4.1 patch is released

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15.4.1 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform ( TPP ) server and some issues in its communication with F5 and other applications. It also addresses some reporting issues.

More Information:

  • F5 issues resolved
    • F5: LTM Advanced Driver Incorrectly Adds Additional ClientSSLProfiles (VEN-24556, @16717)
    • F5: Onboard discovery associates some profiles incorrectly with certificate localhost.localdomain (VEN-24706, @18007)
    • F5: Build in iControl Version shows always 0 for v.10.2.x devices (VEN-24727, @18353)
    • F5: Re-running Onboard discovery removes the consumer attribute from the certificate (VEN-24779, @18044)
    • F5: Getting an exception at stage 835, deleting previous cert and key. (VEN-24782, @17768)
    • F5 generates Tick messages indicating it is overloaded during Push (VEN-24786, @17890)
    • F5: Onboard validation connects to F5 device even with file name being blank (VEN-24877, @18465)
    • F5: Provisioning large number of certs to F5 device causes repeated network validation (VEN-23984, VEN-25094, @17288)
  • Other Issues
  • Identity.Browse() method returns duplicate identity entries in some circumstances (VEN-24273)
  • VEDScep stops working after a while (VEN-24380, @17002)
  • Some security vulnerabilities were addressed (VEN-24452, VEN-24484, VEN-24847, VEN-24851, VEN-25060, @18354)
  • Certificates without a subject break webadmin expiration dashboard (VEN-24604, @15627)
  • User Certificate Work object placement doesn't produce any logs or errors if a problem is encountered (VEN-24612, @17697)
  • In WebAdmin, when enrolling a certificate without an OU, the summary displays the CA OU (VEN-24770, @16671)
  • Object null reference exception in Onboard Validation (VEN-24967)
  • Symantec MPKI driver cannot enroll certificates from SHA256 root (VEN-25010, @18051)
  • From the View | Applications tab, Last Validation Result only shows Success or Failure (VEN-25207, @18694)
  • Entitlement report only showing local users in AdminUsers section (VEN-25208, @18730)
  • Discovery Expiration Report is empty in some circumstances (VEN-25211, @18002)
  • After AD identity driver recovers connection to DCs, and GCs, users still can not log on to WebAdmin and Aperture (VEN-25220, @18728)
  • Entitlement Report Policy Selection now possible (VEN-25280)
  • WebSDK Certificates/retrieve PKCS#8 format not working (VEN-25283, @18501)
  • CA Import is creating invalid SAN entries (VEN-25345, @18554)
  • Unhandled Exception in WebSDK Authorize/CheckValid call is resetting IIS App Pool (VEN-25362, @18532)
  • Certificates without a subject break the certificate summary tab (VEN-25365, @15627)
  • Connect:Direct driver is changing Node security options when provisioning (VEN-25407, @18882)
  • Validation on Apps does not run consistently nightly (VEN-25431, @18465)
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