Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 15.4.2 is released

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15.4.2 has been released with several different product fixes including F5, daily tasks, certificate authorities, and SQL improvements.

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F5 Driver Issues

  • F5 Config Sync fails intermittently with timeout error (VEN-25597, @18696)
  • F5 failure to delete previous file puts App in error (VEN-25659, @19129)

Other Issues

  • It was sometimes possible to pop connections from SqlSafe without pushing them back again (VEN-25373)
  • In Aperture, after clicking on the Entrust Certificate or Symantec Class 3, no certificates are displayed (VEN-25432, @18454)
  • Error during placement: Unable to cast object of type 'OtherName' to type 'System.String' (VEN-25515, @18762)
  • Aperture Registration Page loads all registration passwords from all trust levels (VEN-25561)
  • Daily tasks don't complete in 24h (VEN-25633, @16421, @18466)
  • Discovery Jobs getting stuck in a pending execution state (VEN-25638, @16497)
  • Service generated CSRs were not handled correctly for some country codes in Aperture (VEN-25640, @16820)
  • CSR/details can be changed between approvals at different stages (VEN-25645, @17647)
  • When renewal fails, GeoTrust TrueFlex CA (and Thawte CA) drivers do not automatically attempt to enroll new (VEN-25647, @18394)
  • Unable to Select SHA256 Cert with SHA256 root on Geotrust Reseller CA Template/Certificate (VEN-25649, @18723)
  • During the daily task, some email notifications are not sent and fails with error (VEN-25651, @14517)
  • CA DN is not inheriting from the policy on API cert request (VEN-25729, @17504)
  • Some Security issues were addressed (VEN-25790, VEN-25796, VEN-26149, VEN-26152)
  • Support tab fails to load for users (VEN-25868)
  • Comodo CCM SOAP timeout not configurable (VEN-25901, @19300)
  • Chain building not working correctly with cross signed certs (VEN-25965, @14492)
  • Macro for custom field of “date” type fails (VEN-25966, @18237)
  • Sql Timeout not configurable greater than 180 seconds (VEN-25997, @19090)
  • Proper hostname value now shown in client rest logs (VEN-26022, @15781)
  • P12 App was placing GUID instead of proper friendly name in keystore (VEN-26025, @17054)
  • GeoTrust Reseller - 'Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel' after vendor updated endpoint to TLS 1.2 only (VEN-26071)
  • Sql Timeout now configurable up to 10 minutes (VEN-26187, @19090)
  • Applications not locked during ProvisioningToDo (VEN-26231, @18844)
  • View Tab not showing items from sub containers (VEN-26409, VEN-26600 @19261)
  • Macro to get the 'Valid To' date cannot display date in UK format (VEN-26413, @16912)
  • Convert QuoVadis and HydrantID CA drivers to use new API from the CA (VEN-26522, @18953)
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