INFO: New Macro added in 16.2 called "IfEmpty"


The $IfEmpty Macro was added to help customers further customize their email notifications. For example, new attributes for certificates were also recently added such as “Last Renewed By”, “Last Renewed On”, “Last Pushed By”, and “Last Pushed On”. The $IfEmpty macro that makes it possible to use them in notifications and was added in 16.2


More Info:

Here are some examples of the $IfEmpty macro in use in an email notification:

Who Last Installed:  $IfEmpty[$Identity[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Last Pushed By"]$]$,"Automated Process"]$

Last Installer Email:  $IfEmpty[$IdentityEmail[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Last Pushed By"]$]$,$AdminEmail$]$

When Last Installed:  $IfEmpty[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Last Pushed On"]$ UTC,"Never Pushed"]$

Who Last Requested:  $IfEmpty[$Identity[$Config[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Certificate"]$,"Last Renewed By"]$]$,"Automated Process"]$

Last Requester Email:  $IfEmpty[$IdentityEmail[$Config[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Certificate"]$,"Last Renewed By"]$]$,$AdminEmail$]$

When Last Requested:  $IfEmpty[$Config[$Config[$Event.Component$,"Certificate"]$,"Last Renewed On"]$ UTC,"Never Enrolled"]$

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