Info: Venafi Trust Protection Platform 16.2.1 patch is released

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16.2.1 includes fixes to address the Trust Protection Platform (TPP) server.

Contrary to other update packages, if the database being used is Oracle then this package requires a script to be run by your DBA before the services are restarted following the patch install.

If the database being used is Microsoft SQL then no script is needed, so steps 7-10 are not applicable.

How to install the patch:
In order to install the patch, proceed as follows:
  1. Download the patch from
  2. Stop all Venafi Services as well as as the Venafi sites on all servers
  3. Copy the Patch 16.02.01.xxxxx.vupkg to the ..\Venafi\Packages folder
  4. Run the Venafi Updater application
  5. Select the Patch 16.02.01.xxxxx.vupkg from the list
  6. Click on install
  7. Once installation is completed, DO NOT start the Venafi services and Venafi sites just yet
  8. Go to the folder ..\Venafi\Script
  9. Locate the OracleFixLogServerTableDefinitions.sql script
  10. Pass the script to your DBA for it to be run. Make sure the script is run with a user with elevated privileges.
  11. Once competed successfully, repeat steps 4 to 6 on all other Venafi servers if applicable
  12. Once done, restart all Venafi services and Venafi sites

More Information:

Fixes contained in the 16.2.1 patch:

  • With multiple contacts setup at the policy level, contacts are not displayed in the report. (VEN-28774,@21232)
  • CA specific attributes inherited from policy fail input validation (VEN-28986)
  • LogServer keeps crashing due to heap corruption (VEN-29040, @21883)
  • Intermittent DB connectivity causes VPlatform to crash due to unhandled exception in SSH code (VEN-29044, @21650)
  • On an Oracle DB, LogServer service did not run properly if more than one service was running (VEN-29187)
    NOTE: This requires a DB Script to be run before the services are restarted
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