Error: Exception Logged whenever Custom Report is Ran

Applies To
Venafi Trust Protection Platform 16.3

Whenever a Custom Certificate Report is ran, the following Exception is logged in the Default SQL Channel:

"Encountered error 'No valid certificate states found in PendingMyRevocationApproval' while processing report \VED\Reports\Custom Reports\RAR. Exception data: at Venafi.Aperture.Certificates.Data.Filters.StatusFilter.Apply[TOut](IQueryable`1 query)
at Venafi.Aperture.Certificates.Data.CertificateFiltersRepository`2.GetCertificates(Dictionary`2 filters)
at Venafi.Reporter.Core.Data.DataCollector`1.BuildReport(String contact)
at Venafi.Reporter.Core.Data.ReportWorker.GenerateDocuments(IDataCollector collector, IReportExecutionContext context, String contact)
at Venafi.Reporter.Core.Data.ReportWorker.Run(IReportExecutionContext context)
at Venafi.Reporter.Core.Management.ReportExecutionManager.GenerateInternal(IReportExecutionContext context)
at Venafi.Reporter.Core.Management.ReportExecutionManager.Generate(IReportExecutionContext context)
at Venafi.Reporting.Reporter.Run()"

In previous versions of the Trust Protection Platform, (15.3-16.2) there was a Certificate status called "Pending Revocation Approval" that allowed users to filter for certificates that were being revoked, but required the logged in user's approval in order for the revocation to proceed.  This status was removed from the product in 16.3, and instead the Status of "Pending My Approval" was enhanced to show certificates that required the logged in user's approval regardless of the certificate being renewed, installed, or revoked.

Navigate to the report in Aperture that is causing the exception.  Review the report criteria.  You may, or may not want to add "Pending My Approval" filter to the job.  Either way, saving the query will cause the exception to not log next time the report runs.

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